Pit Bull Flower Power

U.S. based French photographer Sophie Gamand is still on the mission to challenge the often negative perception of Pit bulls. Since we covered her project “Flower Power, Pit Bulls Of The Revolution” 1,5 year ago, more than 140 shelter Pit bulls from her flowery photo series have found loving homes.
“After the first images received such a positive reaction from people and went viral online, I realized I had developed a wonderful marketing tool for pit bulls and maybe this series could help make a difference,” says Gamand. “These are not just dogs wearing flower crowns; something much bigger is happening, slowly. But hopefully, surely!”
Every year over 1 million Pit Bulls are euthanized in the U.S. Gamand continues to visit shelters across the U.S., snapping adorable pics in hope to change the sad fate of way too many Pits.



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