Adorable Cat Parfaits Are Served at This Traditional Japanese Book Cafe

Kotoba no Haoto (or “The Buzz of Words”) is a Japanese cafe that understands the appeal of cat culture. That’s why they’ve created their very own cat parfait, which is as adorable as it is delicious! Once they’re done creating the base of the dessert, that’s when things get feline-friendly. The cafe tops off their delectable dessert by adding at least one pudgy ball of ice cream and decorating it with chocolate ears, paws, eyes, whiskers, and a perfectly plump nose. Each treat includes vibrant, seasonal fruit and additional accessories during the holidays.

While the cat parfaits are enough to draw in delighted diners, Kotoba no Haoto also allows customers to experience the history of Japan. The cafe is housed in a machiya: a traditional, wooden townhouse that evokes the spirit of old Japan. Inside, visitors sit on tatami mat floors and dine upon low tables. There are also plenty of books for them to peruse when they’re done looking at all the cat-themed decorations that surround them.



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