Colorful Photos Capture the Unique Floor Designs Found in Barcelona

First it was Paris, then Venice, and now photographer Sebastian Erras, in collaboration with Pixartprinting, is back celebrating the rich mosaic design of floors spread throughout Barcelona. His newest photography project continues to explore the colourful world that can be found underfoot, as Erras captures the intricate masterpieces that he stumbles upon—from the brilliant paths of Jardines del Mirador Montjuic to the intricately designed floors of hostels and restaurants around the city. Drawing attention to the unique geometric patterns and elaborate tiling of the architecturally thriving city, Erras exposes an easy-to-overlook aspect of Barcelona. This international series works to provide a tour of global cities through their floors, creating a graphic of each city from a unique perspective. Within Barcelona, Erras discovers that the predominant architectural component is hydraulic mosaics, an iconic element of the modernistic Catalan style. The compelling photo series prompts one to take in the lovely details that are all around, from high in the sky to right under your feet.

Palacio Casades
Restaurante Cátedra
Casa Batlló
Marítim Restaurant
Mercado El Nacional
Mercado El Nacional
Jardines del Mirador Montjuic
Generator Hostel
Casa Batlló
La Sagrada Familia

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