Creepily Realistic Porcelain Dolls By Russian Artist

Dolls might be seen as toys, but in the right hands they can become enchanting art. Russian jeweler artist and designer Marina Bychkova, who lives in Canada, creates stunning one-of-a-kind ball-jointed porcelain dolls for adults.
Marina says that her calling for creating dolls became evident back when she was only 6. She couldn’t stand how boring and mediocre the mass-produced dolls were, so Marine started making toys that suited her own ideas of beauty. Eventually, the training at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design influenced her to commit to the doll making as a career. According to the creator, she named the brand after Paul Gallico’s short story called “Enchanted Doll”. Fiction reflects in most of her works, as Marina recreates such well-known characters as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.
The dolls are meticulously made using high quality materials, such as porcelain, gold, silver, and even Swarovski crystals. They help to achieve uniqueness and sophisticated beauty. Depicting sensuality and delicacy, these dolls will enchant anyone who lays eyes on them.



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