Artistic Reinterpretation of International Flags Using Satellite Photos of the World

The fundamental theme of Max Serradifalco’s project All the Colors of the World is one of unity. The Italian photographer virtually travels the world, collecting satellite imagery which he then fuses into flag designs of various countries. The natural topographies of entirely unrelated landscapes peek out from behind the familiar colors of the flags, reinforcing the concept that borders are arbitrary.A flag is such a precious symbol to so many, standing for deep-rooted cultural beliefs and traditions. Yet, this identification to distinct ensigns can be exactly what separates groups of people from one another. Serradifalco’s recreations deliberately question these distinctions, with images such as the depiction of the Belgian flag underlaid with shots of Iceland, Syria, and Australia; and the red, white, and blue of America redesigned using topographies of Bolivia, Chad, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Serradifalco’s simple yet powerful project implores us to “imagine a world where people belong to the Earth, without taking into consideration the Country they were born. A world where we are all brothers sharing diversity, joy, the colours and energy of life.”



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