Tilt-Shift Photography Transforms Tokyo into a Miniature Playground

Japanese photographer Takahiro Yamamoto dwarfs the massive city of Tokyo in his series called It’s a Small World. Using the tilt-shift technique, he selectively focuses on a tiny sliver of the overall image while the rest is left as a blur of color and shapes. The portion that’s legible resembles the type of miniaturized toys you’d see on a model train set.Tilt-shift photography makes even the most mundane scene look fantastical. A half-full parking lot in the Ariake region takes on an unexpectedly playful feel as a car is now small enough to hold between your thumb and index finger. Likewise, busy intersections are slowed to a halt as the ant-sized figures are frozen in place. This whimsical exploration of Tokyo acts as a reminder that while cities like these may seem grandiose, it all depends on your point of view.



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