Yoshinori Mizutani captures the colourful, rain soaked commuters of Tokyo

“I always thought of rain as something gloomy and unpleasant,” says Tokyo-based Yoshinori Mizutani. “One day, however I stepped out into the city and realised how rain can alter our everyday landscape.” The photographer has shot a number of pedestrian crossings from an elevated vantage point as the citizens and traffic pass below. The monochromatic rhythm of the wet tarmac and road paint is interrupted by people dressed in brightly coloured clothes or passing traffic. The images are a vibrant snapshot of life on a grey day that that are carefully composed to preserve each individual’s anonymity. “Even the most mundane details such as wet ground and rain drops can reveal a whole new world to us if we observe them from a slightly different angle,” says Yoshinori. “Rain is one of my continuing attempts to present a new perspective and interpretation towards our often overlooked daily phenomenon.”



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