Intricately Hard-Carved Wooden Spoons Pay Homage to Nature with Decorative Handles

Craftsman Giles Newman expresses a love for nature through the art of spoon carving. Using centuries-old sculpting techniques with an axe and knife, he chisels exquisite flowers, majestic animals, and graceful winged creatures along the handle of each wooden utensil. The one-of-a-kind pieces showcase an incredible amount of detail, depicting characteristics as delicate as petals and feathers. Although they’re designed and treated for food use, they’re best displayed as original works of art. Trained as a graphic designer and photographer, Newman originally took up the craft as something to do while staying in the forests of North Wales. “The woodland supplied me with plenty of timber to learn and experiment with,” he told the Woodworkers Institute, “and over the 10 years or so of spending regular weekends out there I suppose I gained in confidence with the basics of hand carving and whittling.”



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