Though spaghetti makes for a tasty ingredient in the kitchen, it seems like it’d have an unlikely place in the fashion world. Illustrator Edgar Artis thinks differently. Kiwis, chocolate, bell peppers—these are all unconventional choices for evening gowns, yet the artist manages to transform them and other real-life objects into fabulous fashion illustrations. Using a combination of colored pencil drawings as well as fruits, matches, seashells, and flowers, he fuses the 2D with the 3D for a whimsical effect. The women that Artis depicts wear glamorous, high-fashion ensembles, and their style of dress often dictates the type of objects he’ll use. A flowing gown is adorned with long feathers or petals that mimic how fabric would hang. For shorter, voluminous dresses, Artis arranges opts to use M&M candies to show off their playful poof. Regardless of what he chooses, his massively popular Instagram feed showcases the fun to be had when clothing is combined with food, feathers, flowers, and more.



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