Serge Najjar reveals the beauty of Beirut through minimalist, geometric photography

Serge Najjar (see The Architecture Of Light and Abstract Urban Photography Of Beirut) was born in Beirut and is a practicing lawyer there. In his spare time, he loves to photograph his home city, focusing on “what brought order to chaotic Beirut and what brings the ordinary closer to art”. Playing with shadow and light – often with a lone person moving through each frame – his incredible geometric, minimalist images are then shared on Instagram where he has over 75,000 followers.

Represented by Galerie Tanit in Munich, Serge’s pictures “place the viewer within a world where reality and fantasy meet. They capture the passing of time, or a space where the transient disposition of man would inhabit ideal radical constructions. Motionless variations on a theme, the photographs engage in a dialogue, complete each other or not, but always create a singular space that is inhabited by the onlooker within the space they are presented in.”




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